Contact us to discuss sponsoring Hickory Rock Fest.  Day & band sponsorships are available.

Level 1

(ONE Available)

This will be the Hickory Rockfest partner.   The sponsor name will be mentioned with ever mention of the rockfest.   Example   Hickory Rockfest sponsored by Company Name.   Your logo will be embedded with the Hickory Rockfest logo and use in conjunction with all advertising, social media posts etc.    Vinyl banner on the stage dedicated solely to level one sponsor.   

Your name will be mentioned each time the MC has a mic (introducing each band, etc) as a partner/sponsor

This level includes 25 tickets –
+ 5 VIP passes.

Level 2

(TWO Available)

Large logo at the top of the sponsors page, Logo added to Level 2 banner on stage.  Mentions on social media posts

Your name will be mentioned by the MC 4 times throughout the day

10 tickets + 2 VIP passes

Level 3

(FOUR Available)

Logo on sponsors page, mentions on social media

Your name will be mentioned by the MC 2 times throughout the day

5 tickets + 1 VIP pass

Level 4

(FIVE Available)

Logo on sponsors page

Your name will be mentioned by the MC 1 time throughout the day

2 tickets + 1 VIP pass

TRT Trailer Sales, Inc.
3302 Gastonia Hwy
Lincolnton, NC 28092